10 Reasons Local SEO Matters For Small Businesses

10 Reasons Local SEO Matters For Small Businesses

10 Reasons Local SEO Matters For Small Businesses

Small business owners who wish to dominate their market and space need to know what local SEO means and what it offers. Local SEO is an important tool in a small business’ arsenal. It gives small businesses a chance to play where the established businesses are and expand their market. As a small business owner, below are some 15 advantages of Small Biz SEO.

Direct Local Searchers To Your Business With Ease

Local searches involving “where to buy” and “near me” have increased by 200% in the past two years. This means that concentrating on local SEO can significantly put your business in the face of these mobile searchers and increase your sales. Remember that local searchers are interested in the closest businesses they can visit; yours may be the one.

Local Based Searches Have Soared On Google

A 2020 summary of Google searches revealed that searchers entered as many as 62 billion queries throughout the year. 46% of this number were all local search queries. With local searches equaling almost half of the total queries sent in the year alone, local businesses have a better chance of capturing their local market when they pay attention to local SEO solutions.

“Near Me” Searches Generates Leads

Over 50% of the searches on Google that contained the words “near me” led to real-world business visits. By concentrating on local SEO, you stand a better chance of generating more leads for your business. Remember that the more leads your business generates, the higher the chances of sales and revenue generation.

Only 44% Of Google Searches Result In Clicks

In a study by Spark Toro, only about 44% of Google searches end up in clicks. The reduction in click-through rate may be due to Google’s move to answer searcher’s questions within the search environment. This means that content that is structured for ranking may be good but may not result in the clicks and website traffic you want. Focusing on local SEO saves you the stress and instead encourages more searchers to visit your website and ultimately make the buying decision.

56% Of Online Consumers Rely On Mobile Devices

A recent report compiled by Statista revealed that only about 44% of internet users rely on desktops for searches. The other 56% are mobile users who are ready to take action in an instant. With over 3 billion searches per day, you stand a huge chance of converting new potential customers daily, turning them into paying customers through local SEO.

44% Of Internet Users Rely On Google Maps To Find Businesses

If your business and its relevant information – name, address, and phone number, are not already registered on Google Maps, you may be losing out on several potential customers. Data reveals that as many as 44% of internet users rely on Google Maps to find businesses to buy products or services from.

33% Of Us Daily Searches Are To Discover Local Businesses

About one in every three search queries in the US is of a user looking for a local business around them. As a small business with attention to local SEO, you are positioned to convert these search queries from your target audience into sales and revenue.

92% Of Yelp Users Are Likely To Become Return Customers

Yelp conducted a study where it concluded that 92% of its users are likely to become repeat customers. This means that businesses that give the best quality products, services, or customer service are more likely to keep their local customers for a long time. You may get more Yelp reviews on EarthWeb. Additionally, Yelp users are more likely to encourage web visitors to buy from you based on their positive reviews.

Reviews Have About 15% Impact On Google Ranking

Local businesses that have great third-party reviews are more likely to rank higher on Google search results. Google considers these reviews as a vote of confidence and encourages local businesses to deliver better quality services and products by ranking them higher. This is also to increase consumer satisfaction.

80% Of Shoppers Won’t Choose Low-Rated Businesses

Small businesses who wish to climb up the ladder, scale-up, and enjoy more attention need to pay close attention to how they treat customers. Getting good reviews and 5-star rating impacts search engine visibility and inspires trust and confidence in consumers. A recent study by PowerReviews revealed that only 18% of shoppers are more likely to ignore reviews and ratings. This means that 82% of consumers will skip your business if they read negative reviews or discover low ratings.

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