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Are you looking for a mobile phone plan with a difference? The People’s Operator is a mobile network that gives back, and on top of that they’ve also got a great range of SIM only deals you can go for if you’re looking for a contract and don’t want to get a new phone.

About The People’s Operator

The People’s Operator or TPO is a UK based Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that runs off the EE network, the largest and fastest network in the UK. TPO was first launched in 2012 with the aim of creating a mobile phone network that was more ethical. TPO gives its customers the option to donate 10% of their mobile phone bill to a charity or cause of their choice at no extra charge. TPO is less well known than its competitors as it chooses not to spend money on advertising in order to make savings that can benefit customers and charity. TPO officially launched in the United States on July 21, 2015, and is a MVNO running off the USA-based Sprint network.

What’s Good About Them?

Because they choose not to spend money on advertising, TPOs offer some of the cheapest mobile phone contracts around. Its unique charitable business model means that customers are able to donate 10% of the total of their monthly mobile phone bill to a charitable cause of their choice, and receive regular updates on how their donations are being put to good use.

TPO doesn’t carry out credit checks on their new customers, making it an excellent option for those with a poor credit score who have been declined a deal with other mobile phone network providers, or people who don’t want a credit check carried out on them.

If you go over your monthly allowance or over your limits with TPO, you’ll also be able to pay the extra fee in arrears – a good option for those on a lower income who might not be able to pay a large, unexpected phone bill off all at once.

How Good Is TPO Network Coverage?

Because TPO runs on the EE network, they have 3G coverage in 99% of the UK’s population. However, don’t get too excited if you’re looking for superfast data speeds, as unfortunately TPO hasn’t adopted EE’s superfast 4G mobile data yet. You’ll be restricted to using 2G and 3G, however with EE you can be assured that you’ll get the fastest 2G and 3G speeds and will have the best network coverage.

If you’re thinking of joining TPO and would like to make sure you’ll get coverage in your area, you can use the handy network coverage checker tool on their website.

Do TPO Offer SIM Only Deals?

Currently, TPO only offer SIM only and Pay and Go deals, and do not sell any mobile phone handsets at this time. Since GiffGaff began offering mobile phone handsets, TPO is currently the only UK mobile phone network to operate on a strict SIM only basis, and does not currently have any known plans in place to offer handsets in the near future.

The SIM only contracts provided by The People’s Operator are all 30 days in length, meaning that you’ll never be tied into a contract and won’t be charged a fee if you decide to change your deal or cancel. They also do not credit check their customers, meaning that anybody is eligible for a TPO SIM only deal. 10% of your monthly bill is donated to a charitable cause of your choice, and you can change your charity at any point by contacting TPO customer services.

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If you’re considering switching your current plan over to TPO and keeping your handset, you will first need to make sure that you’re able to leave your current mobile phone contract. You can do this by contacting your network provider. If you are not yet out of your contract, your current provider will likely charge you a fee for leaving early.

In order to use a TPO SIM card in your handset, you will need to ensure that your handset is unlocked although TPO SIM’s will work in certain EE handsets. If you’re not sure whether or not a TPO SIM will work in your phone, a call to their customer services may provide you with the information you need. In order to unlock your mobile phone handset, you will need to contact your current network provider who will be able to unlock your handset. Some networks do charge for this service.

It’s also easy to bring your existing number over to TPO if you’re thinking of switching from another mobile phone network. All you need to do is contact your current mobile phone network and request a PAC code, which you’ll then need to give to TPO in order for them to port your number over. Because TPO don’t have a high street presence, you will need to do this either over the phone or online. Don’t let their lack of high street shops put you off, though as they have a dedicated customer service team that are all too willing to help you with any questions or issues that you may have

Why Choose The People’s Operator?

As well as the option to donate 10% of your bill to a charity of your choice at no extra cost to you, TPO is a great network to go for as it uses the EE network, meaning that it has 99% UK coverage – so even though it’s a network that you may not have heard much about, it’s definitely up there with the best when it comes to a reliable signal and connection. The reason that you might not have heard much about TPO is because they choose to spend as little as possible on advertising in order to give their customers the best possible prices whilst being able to raise money for charitable causes. This means that they make massive savings – and you’ll also be able to benefit from this by saving money on your minutes, texts and data.

SIM Only Goodness Plans Under £10

Have a tight budget when it comes to paying for your mobile phone bill? Well with TPO, you can get some great deals for less than £10, and you’ll also be helping to raise money for a good cause. For the tiny amount of just £4.99 per month you’ll get 250 minutes, 250 texts, and 250MB of mobile data, and you’ll never be tied into a lengthy contract so if you want to go ahead and change your tariff, it’s simple. Want a bit more than that? £9.99 per month will get you 750 minutes and texts and 1.5MB of data – a bit more for those who use their phones a little more often.

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SIM Only Goodness Plans Under £20

Not wanting to spend any more than £20 per month when it comes to paying for your mobile phone? If you were to go on Pay as You Go or get a standard Pay Monthly contract with a handset you’d probably find that £20 wouldn’t get you much, but with SIM only Goodness Plans from TPO you can get loads for even less – and raise money for your favourite charity in the process. Just £19.99 per month gets you unlimited minutes and texts and a nice amount of 9GB of mobile data, or if you don’t need as much data, pay £14.99 for unlimited minutes and text with 4GB and get your first three months for just £3.99!

Heavy Mobile User?

Is your mobile phone like an extension of your arm? Are you always on it, and do equally as much calling, texting, and browsing wherever you are? Maybe you use your mobile phone for work or study, and need to be constantly connected at all times? We know how expensive it can be if you go over your allowance on a contract or constantly run out of credit on Pay and Go, which is why TPO are offering an amazing Goodness Plan that gives you completely unlimited minutes and texts along with a whopping 31GB of mobile data for just £49.99 per month – and 10% of that goes to a charity of your choice! The best bit is that you’re not tied down to a contract, so if you find that it’s getting too expensive or feel like you can get away with using less, it’s easy to switch to a cheaper deal as and when you need – and you can switch back whenever you like!

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If you’re looking for a mobile network with a difference, you’re in the right place! Head over to the TPO website today to find out more about their deals and the excellent work they do.

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