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TalkTak Mobile is part of the TalkTalk Group, a company which provides households in the UK with home phone, broadband and paid television. TalkTalk was originally founded as a subsidiary of The Carphone Warehouse, however it became a standalone company in 2010, when TalkTalk Mobile was founded.

Currently, TalkTalk Mobile use the Vodafone network, a robust network which is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the world and operates in 22 different countries worldwide. Vodafone has great signal coverage and reaches around 99% of the population, so if you opt for a SIM only deal with TalkTalk Mobile you won’t have to worry about signal issues. However, TalkTalk Mobile doesn’t currently use Vodafone’s 4G signal, so even if you have a 4G enabled handset you’ll only be able to get 2G or 3G with a TalkTalk Mobile SIM only deal. If you’re thinking of switching to TalkTalk Mobile and are wondering about coverage, use the handy coverage checker tool on their website to see if your area is covered by Vodafone’s signal. If you’re not currently a TalkTalk customer then we’re sorry – unfortunately you’ll need to have a TalkTalk home phone or broadband package in order to take advantage of the great SIM only mobile phone deals listed below.

TalkTalk SIM Only Deals

TalkTalk SIM Only Deals


If you’re an existing TalkTalk customer looking for a great new SIM only deal, you’re in luck! TalkTalk Mobile offer exclusive mobile phone and SIM only contracts to their ...