SIM Only Deals for Android Phones

Do you currently own a great Android smartphone that you don’t want to part with? Then consider getting a SIM only plan so you can remove yourself from the 24-month mobile phone contract that most carriers provide and instead pay a small monthly fee that will give you everything you need in terms of minutes, texts, and data.

Below is a short list of just a few of the best SIM only deals for those who prefer Android smartphones over Apple iPhones. Check out the offers available and then pick the plan that’s right for your needs and your budget.

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£12.00 Monthly from BT Mobile

With the £12.00 from BT SIM only plan, you can get a free gift, making it a sweet offer that’s hard to refuse. BT Mobile offers customers who purchase SIM only plans BT Sport through the BT Sport app. This is a really great and valuable offer because premium sports networks can be quite expensive. Just be careful not to use up all of your data when streaming your favourite sporting events with BT Sport.

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For a very low monthly rate, this plan will provide you with 500 minutes of talk time, so you may need to consider a bigger plan if you feel that this wouldn’t be a sufficient number of minutes, especially if you use your smartphone a lot or make calls throughout the month to all of your friends, family, and colleagues. However, you will get unlimited texts, which is a nice deal, especially for those who tend to send texts a lot more often than they make phone calls. And, finally, you will also get 2 GB of data that you can use each month to surf the World Wide Web for anything and everything that you may need, whether you enjoy spending hours on social media, researching various topics of interest, streaming videos and music, or checking emails.

£17.00 Monthly from Three

Those who need unlimited amounts of data will definitely want to opt for this great plan from Three for just £17.00 a month. Three is one of the top providers for mobile phone service in the UK, and with this deal, you will get 4G service to keep you connected with fast speeds whenever you are in a 4G area, as well as 3G service when you are in a 3G area. Plus, with Three’s Feel at Home feature, you can enjoy international roaming service so you can use your allowance in 18 destinations around the world without having to pay extra.

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With this plan, you will only get 200 minutes, so, again, this may not be a sufficient number of minutes for those who do a lot of talking on their mobile phones every day. Nevertheless, you do get unlimited texting, which is super convenient, as it can be very easy to go over your texting limit otherwise. And you also get an unlimited amount of data, which is really hard to come by at such an affordable rate. When you combine all of the features of this SIM only plan, it is no wonder that it is considered one of the best available.

£8.00 Monthly from Three

Anyone seeking a really light plan that is super low priced should check out this £8.00 per month SIM only option. Again, the great thing about Three is the fact that you can get 4G service, which translates to faster speeds whenever you are using data for surfing the Internet, watching videos, streaming music, etc. But be careful because you do not get a whole lot of data with this particular plan.

More specifically, this affordable SIM only plan gives you only 500 MB of data, so if you are used to consuming gigabytes worth of data each month, you will need to make some drastic adjustments to really cut back on your usage and not go over your limit. However, if you spend more of your surfing time on your mobile phone while connected to a wireless network, you can use less data while still getting things done.

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This plan also comes with 250 minutes, which should be more than enough for an average caller but may not be enough for someone who uses their smartphone a lot. However, you do get unlimited texts, so this could make up for the limited number of minutes on the plan. Just be aware of how many minutes and how much data you’re using with this light plan. At this price, though, it could be more than worth it if you want to save a lot of money every month, especially if you like using 4G.

With so many great SIM only plans available for Android smartphones, you can get all of the minutes, texts, and data you need every month at really affordable rates.

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