How To Take Selfies with Your Mobile Phone Camera

If Kim Kardashian, undisputed Queen of the Selfie, is to be believed, it takes around 300 photos to produce the perfect selfie. Sadly most of us don’t have that amount of free time. Who does? But don’t worry because it is possible to take a great selfie without spending a whole day pouting into a camera phone. And here’s how!

Are You Photo-Ready?

Impromptu selfies can work a dream, but unless you are blessed with model features or a team of stylists in tow to make sure you are looking your best, it is better to check your reflection in a mirror before you have a go at taking a selfie. Make sure your hair is not sticking up or frizzy, you don’t have spinach stuck in your teeth, and a raging zit isn’t about to explode on your chin. If you don’t have a mirror handy, it isn’t a huge problem. Use your camera as a mirror to see if you pass muster, and if you do, it is time to strike a pose.

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Strike the Perfect Pose

Everyone has their good side. Kim Kardashian prefers to take selfies when her chin is down. She knows this is the most flattering angle for her. You might be different, but until you take a lot of practice photos, you will not know for sure. Try out different poses in front of a mirror and see which angles look the most flattering. Pouting for the camera is kind of obligatory if you are a girl, but if you are a guy, try and perfect your dark and brooding look – watch a couple of episodes of Poldark if you need some inspiration. Once you have perfected your selfie face pose, practice it until it becomes automatic the moment a camera is pointed in your direction. That way you can avoid any really embarrassing mishaps when someone pulls out a camera phone unexpectedly.

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Get the Lighting Right

Lighting is crucial if you want to take decent selfies. Nobody looks great in harsh lighting – even Kim Kardashian. Good lighting should be soft and natural. It needs to highlight your best features rather than draw attention to the bits you hate. Ideally, try and take selfies in daylight, but if you are indoors, make sure there are no deeply unflattering shadows and if you have to use a flash, watch out for the dreaded “red-eye”.

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Keep the Camera Still

Sounds obvious, but it is amazing how many people can’t keep their hand still when taking a selfie. Blurred photos don’t look good, online or offline. Try and use your dominant arm to take a selfie. This arm will be stronger and therefore less likely to shake when you are holding your camera phone at arm’s length. Once again, practice really does make perfect.

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Group Selfies with a Selfie Stick

Group selfies are all the rage and posing for a group selfie with all your friends is fun. You can’t control who does what in a group selfie, but often the more spontaneous the photo, the more successful it ends up being. A selfie stick is perfect for group selfies. Because your camera is held on the end of a long stick, the camera angle will be a lot wider and more people can be included. You can also get more of the background in the shot.

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Play with Filters

The great thing about taking selfies on a smartphone is that you can take advantage of lots of photo editing apps. No-filter selfies are fine if you are naturally photogenic, but why not be creative and add some cool filters to your selfie? Instagram comes fully kitted out with a vast selection of mood filters. You can upload a sepia toned retro selfie or transform your face with a high-definition filter. But whatever filter you choose, don’t forget to add some hashtags so other people can find your best work.

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Beware Photo-Bombers!

One of the unfortunate things about taking selfies is that you generally have no idea what is going on behind you while you are posing up a storm for the camera lens. You might think you are looking super cool smiling up from your sun lounger on a sun-kissed beach, whereas some random person is leering at you the background. To avoid being photo-bombed by people or wildlife, give the general area a quick once over before you start snapping selfies.

You need bags of self-confidence to take a great selfie. Feeling self-conscious and awkward is not conducive to a good photograph. There’s no need to be shy when taking a selfie. Love your look and don’t think about who might be watching as you pout for the camera and try to look sexy. If Kim Kardashian can do it, so can you.

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