Best SIM Only Deals in the UK 2016

If you want a better deal on your mobile phone bill but like the handset that you already have, SIM only deals are an excellent and usually much more value for money alternative to signing up for a new pay monthly contract with a new handset. We’ve put together some of the best SIM only contract deals on the market.

Best for Browsing

If you’re always on the internet on your smartphone, you’ll probably want a plan that includes a generous amount of mobile data. Thankfully, there are a number of SIM only plans available with loads of data included, and they won’t break the bank either. For instance Three offers a 12 month SIM only contract deal with 200 minutes, unlimited or ‘all-you-can-eat’ texts and data for just £17 per month. If you don’t want to sign up for a £12 month contract that’s fine – you can get the same deal from Three on a 30 day contract for just £3 extra.

If you’ve got poor credit and have been refused a phone contract, don’t worry as there’s still a way that you can get hold of a great deal with unlimited data! GiffGaff doesn’t credit check their new customers, and they’re offering a great SIM only deal with absolutely unlimited everything for the bargain price of just £20 per month. And as if that wasn’t brilliant enough, you’ll also be able to change or cancel your plan whenever you please – there are no contracts!

If you’re a BT broadband customer, you’ll have access to an excellent deal from BT Mobile – unlimited minutes and texts along with a whopping 20GB of 4G mobile data for just £20 per month. Not a BT customer? Don’t worry – you can still get this deal, it’ll just cost you £5 a month more.

Best for Texting

If you love to text, you’re going to want a mobile phone deal that lets you text to your heart’s content. The good news is that most of the main mobile phone network operators include unlimited texts as standard with their SIM only contract deals. Pay just £5 per month to Virgin Mobile who’ll give you a deal with unlimited texts, 250 minutes and 250MB of data. It’s a 30 day contract, so you’re not tied in – if you want to change to a deal with more minutes or data you can upgrade whenever you please with no additional charges.

Best for Calling

Always calling your friends on the phone? If you prefer the old fashioned phone call and use your minutes more than texts or data, you’ll want a SIM only plan that lets you make all your phone calls without going over the limit. Virgin Mobile are offering a 30 day SIM only contract that gives you unlimited minutes and texts along with 2GB of data for the bargain price of just £12 per month, or sign up to a 30 day contract with charitable network The People’s Operator for just £14.99 per month and receive unlimited minutes and texts as well as a generous helping of 6GB mobile data whilst donating 10% of your bill to a charity of your choice at no extra cost.

Best for 4G

If you love to browse, download and stream videos on your phone you’ll probably want to get your hands on the latest 4G data speeds. Bear in mind that your handset will need to be 4G enabled, however, in order to get the most from these 4G deals. As 4G is so fast it can use up a lot of your data, so you’re best looking for a deal with at least 5GB. EE is the biggest and fastest 4G mobile network, and you can pay just £25.99 per month for unlimited minutes and texts and a huge 10GB of superfast 4G data when you sign up to their 12 month SIM only plan. Three also has 4G coverage, and you can pay £22 per month for 200 minutes, all-you-can-eat texts and all-you-can-eat data when you sign up for 12 months, meaning that you can browse to your heart’s content with the best 4G speeds.

Best for Perks

If you like to be rewarded for your custom, choose a SIM only plan that comes with added benefits. It’s just £15.30 per month on O2 for a plan that gives you unlimited minutes and texts and 2GB of data, and you’ll also have exclusive access to O2 Priority deals. Or, Vodafone Red Plans offer a choice of a free subscription to either Now TV, Spotify Premium, or Sky Sports included when you take out the plan. And, it’s just £27.20 per month for a deal that gives you an amazing unlimited minutes and texts and a whopping amount of 10GB 4G data.

There’s no need to pay more with these great SIM only deals!

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