24 Best Charity WordPress Themes for Donation, Non-Profit and Fundraising Organisations 2016

The biggest part of operating a charity is finding funds to keep it going. No matter what your purpose, without money to keep all your projects up and running you would soon be unable to offer the help you are there to give. In today’s world, the best way to get the word out that you have an active charity is by making your presence known on the internet.

Following are 24 WordPress themes designed specifically with charities and fundraising in mind. Browse through the titles listed below to find one that suits your mission so that you can quickly begin gathering the financial help you sorely need.

1. Mission


Those looking for a theme that can easily be customised to your charity’s needs may be interested in Mission. The name says it all and with a WordPress theme that also offers a bonus of the HTML and PSD versions at no additional cost, you can see how easy it would be to tailor it to your charity’s needs.

Mission is a responsive theme which means that it can be viewed equally well on the smallest mobile device without loss of quality. If you have videos of your charity organisation that you’d like to share, there is even a YouTube social icon to direct visitors to the videos of your foundation so that they can get a real glimpse of the charitable works you do.

Mission can be purchased for $49.

2. Charity Hub


Your primary purpose in setting up a website is to gather as many funds for your charity as possible. With the Charity Hub WordPress theme it is easy to do as there is a donation system in place through PayPal that is easy to use. The included Page Builder makes it easy for even a novice to quickly get your site up and running and you can categorise your cause post types.

In fact, Charity Hub even has a search feature that makes it easy for the visitor to your site to quickly find the cause they are looking for in order to make that much needed donation. Charity Hub has a number of extra features that offer the enhancements you may need along the way so do take some time to check out this amazing theme developed with the active charity group in mind.

Charity Hub can be purchased for $59.

3. Aid


When it comes to getting the financial assistance you need for your charity, it is important to get the word out. With the Aid WordPress theme you can set up pages with photos of the charities you are assisting, post information regarding what is happening at any given moment on location and ask for help where it is most needed.

Aid is a responsive theme that can be viewed well on small mobile devices and as it is also set up like a blog, you can detail all your projects and talk about what is really happening in that part of the world. A simple WordPress theme to work with, Aid offers a user-friendly way to get started quickly.

Aid can be purchased for $49.

4. Donate Now


Of course donations are critical to your charity and with Donate Now you can quickly set up a way in which visitors can donate with the donation plugin included in this WordPress theme. Also included is a Page Builder and LayerSlider which make it easy to customise the theme to make it your own.

Donate Now is retina ready and has an on/off responsive feature. With two cause templates, 600 Google fonts and 4 Header styles, you can easily customise your website to do exactly what you want it to do. Don’t forget to check out the Event Calendar that will let your visitors know what is going on at any given moment. For the money, you won’t get more from a quality WordPress theme.

Donate Now can be purchased for $44.

5. Biosphere


With all the concern about the ecology and the damage we are doing to Mother Earth, there are a number of charities popping up around the globe to further research and to promote sustainability. These charities need a WordPress theme that was developed with this type of charity in mind and that is Biosphere.

Not only is it set up for causes and fundraising, there are events managers that help to track fundraising whilst promoting events that are happening both on a local as well as a global level. Biosphere is WooCommerce ready which means that donations can be taken right on site and with the WPML language changer, people of other languages can understand the importance of each and every issue being carried forward. For charities intent on improving this world we live on, Biosphere is the theme to use.

Biosphere can be purchased for $59.

6. Philanthropy


The term ‘Philanthropy’ is as old as time and the term is most often associated with the good works that people undertake for those less fortunate than themselves. For any type of philanthropic venture whatsoever, the WordPress theme Philanthropy is ready to help you make your presence known on the web.

Philanthropy is responsive so that your site can be viewed on literally any mobile device, no matter how small. Perfect for any non-profit organisation, this theme is user-friendly and will have you up and running in no time at all. Get word out quickly that you have a cause and soon your philanthropic projects will be funded quicker than you had thought possible.

Philanthropy can be purchased for $49.

7. Advocator


Those who advocate for the voiceless and downtrodden of the world can truly be called Advocators, which is why this theme is ideal for charities of all kinds. Not only is Advocator a responsive WordPress theme but it is set up in such a way as to make it easy to get the word out about who you are and just what it is that you do.

This particular theme has been built with a professional level of performance and accessibility because it was developed with Foundation 5 framework. Mobile audiences find it just as easy to engage as those accessing your site from a desktop and the ease at which you can make customisations is superior to most non-profit themes on the market. For ease of use and all the extras included with Advocator, this theme gets an A+.

Advocator can be purchased for $54.

8. Rive


One of the best features of a charity theme is its ability to be setup in a number of languages to ensure the broadest outreach possible. Rive is WPML Multilingual ready so that it is easy to design your charity’s website in almost any language imaginable. Need to promote global causes? Do so quite easily with the innovative landing pages builder included with the theme.

Rive has an integrated donation system and the design is totally responsive. Visitors to your site can access your landing pages from literally any type of mobile device and each page will be just as clear and readable as it would be on a desktop monitor. At the low cost of $49, Rive is a WordPress theme for charities that offers all the features you need to get up and running.

Rive can be purchased for $49.

9. Relief


Charities and non-profit organisations are established with the sole purpose of offering relief for those less fortunate and oftentimes in dire circumstances. The Relief WordPress theme was designed with charities like these in mind.

As a responsive theme it meets with Google’s new algorithms and will be readily listed in the SERPs so that mobile users can find your charity and make donations you require to offer the relief needed to keep your projects going. Highly customisable and easy to work with, Relief can have your site live in no time at all.

Relief can be purchased for $44.

10. Be Human


Giving to those less fortunate than yourself is one of the most endearing aspects of being human. Be Human is a WordPress theme that helps you drive home the need to share your bounty with those who are going through hard times and in need of that extra bit of help.

As a responsive WordPress theme designed specifically for charities and non-profit enterprises, Be Human is easy to work with, loaded with extra features and best yet, affordable. Take being human to the next level with your website and get the donations coming in to keep your projects up and running. In short, be charitable – Be Human.

Be Human can be purchased for $59.

11. Outreach


One of the most common names for a charity is an ‘outreach’ project and this particular WordPress theme is the perfect example of what an Outreach website is all about. Designed with charitable foundations in mind, this responsive theme is easily translated to literally any language and has 2 separate body styles for a completely unique look for any charity you want to promote.

Included in the theme are auto sizing widgets, 6 accent colours and a jQuery Slider with hover effects. All these extras would have you think that this premium WordPress theme would be quite expensive but at the low cost of just $44, this is one you can’t afford to miss.

Outreach can be purchased for $44.

12. Kindness


Kindness is just the kind of theme a charity needs when trying to grow their outreach. SEO friendly and designed to be responsive, this is one theme that will easily be picked up by the search engines to show in mobile SERPs.

With a powerful admin panel and a contact form builder, it will be easy to quickly expand your outreach and stay in touch with contacts eager to donate to your cause. Kindness includes more than 35 short codes and 25 styled widgets plus a ton of Google fonts. For a professional looking non-profit site, Kindness has all the features you need.

Kindness can be purchased for $49.

13. Act


When someone is in need, it’s time to Act and that’s why this is the perfect WordPress theme for non-profit charities of literally any kind. As a multipurpose theme, Act can work equally well for charities looking to raise awareness as well as those looking to raise funds to keep operating a multitude of projects.

Looking to grow a large following? Act is responsive and can be viewed on even the smallest mobile devices with ease. Don’t let the low cost fool you. Act is loaded with features and easy to use which makes it one WordPress theme truly worth so much more than the price.

Act can be purchased for $44.

14. 4 Children with Love


Nothing inspires charity like children in need and this theme, 4 Children with Love, is one WordPress theme that will inspire visitors to give freely of their resources. The theme itself is mobile-friendly which means that givers can easily contribute on the go and with the included Shop Theme, you can also sell items to raise extra money in your charity store.

Being WooCommerce ready, donations can be taken right at your site and with a WordPress customiser you can easily set up landing pages that are unique and designed specifically for your charity’s causes. Easy to use and cost effective, 4 Children with Love is a theme perfect to raise awareness and the funds you need to help the little ones.

4 Children with Love can be purchased for $59.

15. HOPE


What a great name for a WordPress theme designed for charities and non-profit organisations. Those being helped need hope the most and that’s what a great theme can offer. Because HOPE is responsive, it shows well on all size screens and with social media widgets included in the package, you can quickly develop a huge following for your charity, no matter what your cause.

Being WooCommerce ready it will be easy to take donations right on site and also you have the ability to set up a storefront to raise extra funds for those projects that need a bit of extra financial help. Easy to set up with Visual Composer plugin and cost effective, this is one theme that charities should take a good look at when searching for the perfect theme for their website.

HOPE can be purchased for $54.

16. GiveaHand


Those looking to raise awareness for the charity they are sponsoring could do well with a WordPress theme like GiveaHand. Not only can you blog about social issues that are keeping the less fortunate on the margins of society but you can use GiveaHand to raise funds so necessary for each and every project you have going.

Quality is checked by Envato and future updates are included as part of the package. With 6 months support from FXoffice, you can be assured that you will have the help you need setting up your site. Extended service is available at a small extra cost.

GiveaHand can be purchased for $59.

17. H.E.L.P.


When organizing a charity that has more than one project going on at any given time, a WordPress theme like H.E.L.P. is ideal. It has an events manager that allows you to track each event and also a news manager to keep visitors informed as to what is happening in parts of the world you are serving.

Not only is H.E.L.P. written in top-of-the-line code but it is responsive as well. This means that those seeking information on your charity can view it from literally any type of mobile device without suffering loss of quality. Easy to install out-of-the-box, this is one theme that will have you up and running the very same day.

HELP can be purchased for $49.

18. Donation


You hear a lot about a theme or webpage being ‘retina ready’ but that may not tell you a lot. Retina is a technology for superior mobile display developed by Apple and as there are so many iPhone users out there, your charity would do well with a theme like Donation that is truly retina ready for the ultimate viewing of any images you want to display.

Totally responsive and with a plethora of great tutorials and support, Donation is a theme you can count on to keep your charity or non-profit organisation in the limelight. Need more donations to keep your projects going? Donation is one theme that can deliver.

Donation can be purchased for $59.

19. Heal


When you are the organiser of a charity, healing the pain of those you serve is a major priority. Heal is a WordPress theme developed to help you truly serve those in need with its clean, modern and smooth appeal. As a multipurpose theme, Heal can be used by secular and church groups with equal ease and is perfect for non-profits and NGOs.

There are literally tons of features which make working with Heal a great experience and with a fully responsive design and a power-packed customisation panel for greater options, this is one theme you will really love working with. The latest version is just out in the autumn of 2015 which makes it one of the most up-to-date themes for charities you will find.

Heal can be purchased for $54.

20. Charity


With a WordPress theme like Charity, any type of organisation can build a website to raise funds for charitable projects they have undertaken to sponsor. NGOs, non-profits, charities and even churches can easily work with this 100% responsive them Bootstrap theme that is WooCommerce ready.

Whether you are looking to keep track of donations with the Working Donation Form or highlight projects with blogs and photos, Charity is a theme that can handle all that and so much more. Since it is Contact Form 7 compatible, you will easily keep track of your potential donors and with the WooCommerce capability of taking donations right on site, it will be easy to raise funds and track them as they grow.

Charity can be purchased for $59.

21. Unity


Although not specifically designed with charities in mind, Unity is a perfect WordPress theme developed for crowdfunding. And, after all, what is a charity all about but being funded by the crowd? Built on a flexible and powerful WPO Framework along with Bootstrap 3.0, Charity is a theme that is built on the latest and most reliable technology for WordPress themes.

Unity was built with Crowdfunding by Astoundify and Easy Digital Downloads, which are two absolutely free WordPress plugins that extend the capability of a theme when seeking to raise funds for the charitable projects you are organising. At a low cost and as a fully responsive theme, this is one you can’t neglect to consider. Truly a great way to raise funds quickly and easily to keep your charity going strong.

Unity can be purchased for $59.

22. Give


Looking to give your charitable organisation a brand new look and a highly visible presence on the web? Give is a versatile theme built to gain rank with its responsive design and flexibility of use. Not only can you raise funds with Give but you can also present SEO content that will keep you ranking highly in the SERPs.

Give has a focus on events as well as the content you wish to upload so that visitors can see exactly what your charity, NGO or non-profit is doing at any given moment. Extremely reasonably priced and packed with features, Give is a great theme for charities operating on limited budgets.

Give can be purchased for $44.

23. Aid Reform


Listed as an NGO and Charity theme, Aid Reform is the perfect vehicle for getting word out there that there are those in need of financial and social assistance. The Aid Reform WordPress theme features a drag and drop page builder that is easy to use, even for those who have never built a website before.

Also featured are the Revolution Slider, a Cause Manager, an Events Manager and its format that is translation ready so it can be viewed well by speakers of other languages. With a built-in media gallery and excellent support, Aid Reform is a theme that can keep your charity visible in the SERPs. WooCommerce ready, you can also keep the donations coming in whilst raising social awareness that there are real needs to be met. Aid Reform gets our vote for stellar performance.

Aid Reform can be purchased for $64.

24. Mercy


Charities are built on the mercy of those giving freely of their resources and Mercy is the perfect WordPress theme for this purpose. WPML and WooCommerce ready, this environmental and political focused charity NGO theme is perfect for raising social awareness and calling upon the Mercy of those in a position to help.

Mercy features a drag and drop page builder, it is translation ready to be read by speakers of almost any language and has superior cause and events management systems built right into the theme. Looking to highlight social needs and causes? Mercy is the theme to help you do just that.

Mercy can be purchased for $59.


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