Best Business SIM Only Deals

With SIM only deals, it isn’t only individual consumers who are looking for a more attractive option for their mobile; business owners are on the hunt to save money too. Not every mobile network focuses on businesses, especially when offering the more flexible SIM only plans. However, here are a few of the better deals that can be found in the UK that may suit businesses better and are SIM only.

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The EE network has both 30 day and 12 month deals for their 4G LTE mobile service. The 12 month deals are far more plentiful than their 30 day deals, so it still pays to lock in for longer even with a SIM only plan. The EE plans includes UK-based support, Wi-Fi access at over 100 Underground stations using Wi-Fi provided by Virgin Media, and mobile Wi-Fi tethering support for up to four devices.

With their Business plans for 30 day periods, they offer unlimited minutes and unlimited SMS texts. This provides flexibility to busy executives who don’t want to worry about the bill they are racking up with business calls. Similarly, trading text messages back and forth to quickly resolve deal points or confirm an order is done faster when sent by text than email and these are also free with all the 30 day plans.

With their business plans, there is a choice of 2 GB, 4 GB or 8 GB of data for £17.00, £21.00 or £25.00 respectively.

For business customers who are willing to accept a 12 month tie-up, there are some cheap deals for occasional mobile users. A basic 250 MB data plan with 250 minutes of calls and 250 SMS texts will run to just £8.00. Upgrading to a 1 GB data plan with unlimited texts and calls will cost only £14.00.

The more advanced business plans include 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB of data with unlimited minutes and SMS texts for £16.00, £19.00 and £23.00 respectively.

For business customers who choose the 12 month Business category SIM only plans, they can move to the monthly plan after four months. In certain areas, for plans over £17.00, they may be able to benefit from Double Speed 4G which is rolling out in select areas. Theoretically, the 4G LTE speed can be boosted from 12-15 Mbps to 24-30 Mbps.

The People’s Operator

The People’s Operator (TPO) is a virtual mobile network, which uses the EE network described above, creating their own brand and separate mobile plans. This includes some attractive Business-focused plans that might appeal. However, the network used on the business plan is their 3G network rather than the 4G LTE network.

TPO is focused around charity with 10 percent of each customer’s bill being donated to a charity of their choosing. This adds a little bit of charitable giving within the business operation which might suit the values that the business owner wishes to espouse.

Each of the business plans available from TPO is for a 12 month period. The plans are easy to understand with the names chosen. They are:

  • The 300 plan: 300 MB, 300 SMS texts and 300 minutes for £10.00
  • The 600 plan: 600 MB, 600 SMS texts and 600 minutes for £13.50
  • The 900 plan: 900 MB, 900 SMS texts and 900 minutes for £20.00
  • The 900 plan: 1,200 MB, 1,200 SMS texts and 1,200 minutes for £25.00


Vodafone does have some interesting SIM only deals for businesses on their 3G network. These can sometimes be hard to find because the company tends to prefer to focus on selling a new mobile phone with a multi-year contract rather than letting it be known that they have SIM only plans too.

There are both 30 day and 12 month contract periods available through Vodafone which are differently priced plans depending on what is chosen. The 12 month plans include 3 months of unlimited data.

They do have a number of mobile tariffs to choose between. The cheapest on a 30 day period is £11.50 for just 250 MB of data, 300 minutes and 500 SMS texts. The same plan with a 12 month contract is less at £9.50 per month.

A better deal can be achieved when moving up to the 2 GB plan which includes unlimited texts and call minutes for £15.30 on a 12 month contract or £19.00 for just 30 days. The largest data plan in the 6 GB plan for £24.30 with a 12 month contract or £29.00 for 30 days.


For business users who are located within the 4G LTE network, an EE plan makes a lot of sense.  Their 8 GB data plan for £25.00 is compelling, and their double speed for 4G for 12 month deals in specific areas is sure to be attractive for business users who need the fastest speed while on the move.

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